How to Build a Buffer of Personal Money & Stay Out of Debt

How to Build a Buffer of PERSONAL Money & Stay Out of Debt (Starter)

Pay Yourself First - A Blueprint for Entrepreneurs Who Want the Financial Breathing Space to Concentrate on Business | taught by Georgette Rowland Osborne

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Georgette  Rowland Osborne
Georgette Rowland Osborne
Personal Buffer Trainer

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Hi I’m Georgette Rowland Osborne, a financial coach and writer based in London

For years after my first business collapsed and my partner was laid off, I struggled to stay out of debt and build a secure financial foundation.

I built a new business which was doing really well. But despite this our personal finances would temporarily recover; hit a crisis, then send us right back into debt again. How could I be so good at making money; but be such a mess personally? I felt such a fraud.

Then one night I watched a tv show with celebrity financial adviser Alvin Hall. He went into people’s homes and analysed their financial problems and told them what to do next.

It was like an explosion went off in my head. Making money was great, but the key was how you managed and allocated it. My accounting training never taught me that part.

I became obsessed with coming up with a system that I could master and stick to.

Within months.......

  • Our debts were down and savings up
  • We managed to switch back from an interest only to a repayment mortgage
  • I started investing
  • I could focus on business.
  • I loved my man once more
  • And my stress levels plummeted

It changed my life.

If you would like to learn the system I used to turn things around, I would love to show it to you.

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